After a bit of thought, a few false starts, some uncertainty and much procrastination, here is my blog. And here is my first post. I’ve read some brilliant blogs in my time (a few of my favourites are listed in my blog roll) and can only hope that I can not only keep mine going, but make it a worthwhile read.

I’ll be writing about [insert topic here] as well as [insert topic here] and also the occasional rant about [insert topic here]. As you can see, I’ve put a lot of thought into this…

Actually, I’ll be writing about things that interest, fascinate and delight me. These are extensive and ever-changing categories. I prefer to shy away from politics and religion as much as I can, but cannot promise they won’t come up since these particular cans of worms never really had lids to begin with.

I’ll post the occasional recipe (Délicieux), the odd review of a book, movie or album (Critique), and  I’ll write about things that give me pleasure (Plaisir).

Sometimes I will use it as a platform to share or vent an opinion, but in the interest of being interesting, personal rants will be kept to a minimum and will be marked clearly as such.

I hope something here piques your interest, and that you keep coming back for more.

Here we go…

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2 comments on “Prologue

  1. avesse says:

    Sterkte, van een blog-procrastinator aan ‘n ander! 🙂 #stalking

  2. Koek! says:

    Looking forward to it! (Especially the odd recipe.)

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