An idiot by any other name…

“A minute’s thought would have shown him that it could not be true. But a minute is a long time and thought is difficult.” – A. E. Housman

I find myself increasingly annoyed by both ignorance and incompetence lately. Perhaps I’m just easily annoyed lately, with the stresses of finishing a thesis and finding a job. But there’s more to it than that. It’s becoming more and more clear to me that common sense is, in fact, not common at all anymore. It’s rare. It eludes most people we deal with on a daily basis. Continue reading


A quick, pointless post. Just because.

I seem to be REALLY sucky at this time management thing. Really. I don’t even wear a watch anymore. And my diary is just there because I *have* to have one every year. I use it for about a week.  Then I just leave it there, relying on my superior memory to remember Every. Single. Little. Detail. Pity it fails me so regularly.

SO in an attempt to be all that I can be…I am changing my ways. My diary has suddenly become quite important to my daily activities. I have resorted to the one thing no proper student ever does: planning. And I’m sticking to it. So far.

So far so good. I blame my tardiness re my blog on my lack of internet the past few days. I have had MANY thoughts about MANY things to blog about. Sadly I can remember none (superior memory strikes again) and I have yet to be one of those people who ‘journal’.

So…until I have the next brilliant thought…adios 🙂

Weekend? What weekend?

Apparently, this weekend past was a long weekend. I have no recollection of it, as I spent large parts of it in the Medi-Clinic waiting rooms, helping granddad move about while a piece of granite the size of Limpopo (ok, a 5 mm kidney stone) was creeping around inside his innards. Thankfully, it was removed without great drama, and grandpapa is recovering nicely.

I hate hospitals.

So expect a thought-provoking, edgy and well-written post soon. As soon as I get that hospital smell out of my hair. And clothes. And brain.

Tweet the end of the world, Chicken Little

With one eye on CNN, watching the devastation in Japan, and the other on my Twitter timeline, I can’t help but wonder if maybe the Mayans are on to something. Lots of tweeting going asking “what is the world coming to?” or “first Australia and New Zealand, now Japan…what next?!”.

True, there is no denying that the earth has, in recent times, dished out some severe punishment to its inhabitants. There is no overlooking the destruction and tragedy that comes with these natural disasters, be it the raging fires in Oz or Continue reading

Lent – just a thought

I know I mentioned early on that I wasn’t going to touch on religion much, and I’m planning on sticking to that (don’t worry, this is not by any means a sermon or religious rant), but a conversation on Twitter (and a few tweets from surprising people) got me thinking about Lent, it’s origin and why many people -even though they’re not very religious- observe this practice in their own way, by giving up a favourite food/drink/hobby/activity for the period leading to Easter Sunday. This practice is generally associated with a sense of spiritual renewal, though Protestant religions generally view it more as a choice than an obligation.

Oddly, the notion has been on my mind all day. So I’m seriously considering abstaining from a favourite pleasure for the duration of Lent. Before I commit though, I think I should have a good long think about my motivation. Expect an update soon. (So far I’ve narrowed it down to either coffee or chocolate…both will be incredibly tough to give up…*sob*).

So…anyone else participating in Lent? What will you be abstaining from, and why?

***UPDATE: Decided on giving up coffee…. *sob* ****


In case you didn’t know this, I am a complete follower/lover/disciple of Formula 1. I love it. I’ve been watching Formula 1 racing since I can remember. I am fortunate enough to have seen the great Ayrton Senna race. Though my memories of those races are a little fuzzy, he stood out. I also remember watching the race that tragically claimed his life. My mother was devastated. So was I.

Soon to be released is what promises to be a brilliant (dare I say..epic) documentary about the life of arguably the best racing driver that ever raced. Here is a trailer of the documentary, simply titled “Senna”.