Lent – just a thought

I know I mentioned early on that I wasn’t going to touch on religion much, and I’m planning on sticking to that (don’t worry, this is not by any means a sermon or religious rant), but a conversation on Twitter (and a few tweets from surprising people) got me thinking about Lent, it’s origin and why many people -even though they’re not very religious- observe this practice in their own way, by giving up a favourite food/drink/hobby/activity for the period leading to Easter Sunday. This practice is generally associated with a sense of spiritual renewal, though Protestant religions generally view it more as a choice than an obligation.

Oddly, the notion has been on my mind all day. So I’m seriously considering abstaining from a favourite pleasure for the duration of Lent. Before I commit though, I think I should have a good long think about my motivation. Expect an update soon. (So far I’ve narrowed it down to either coffee or chocolate…both will be incredibly tough to give up…*sob*).

So…anyone else participating in Lent? What will you be abstaining from, and why?

***UPDATE: Decided on giving up coffee…. *sob* ****


2 comments on “Lent – just a thought

  1. Adele says:

    I’ll be giving up coffee. Since this morning, I’m only drinking tea and water.
    Good Luck with yours!

  2. Maybe you should choose the coffee. Chocolates are a bit too severe… 😉

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