A quick, pointless post. Just because.

I seem to be REALLY sucky at this time management thing. Really. I don’t even wear a watch anymore. And my diary is just there because I *have* to have one every year. I use it for about a week.  Then I just leave it there, relying on my superior memory to remember Every. Single. Little. Detail. Pity it fails me so regularly.

SO in an attempt to be all that I can be…I am changing my ways. My diary has suddenly become quite important to my daily activities. I have resorted to the one thing no proper student ever does: planning. And I’m sticking to it. So far.

So far so good. I blame my tardiness re my blog on my lack of internet the past few days. I have had MANY thoughts about MANY things to blog about. Sadly I can remember none (superior memory strikes again) and I have yet to be one of those people who ‘journal’.

So…until I have the next brilliant thought…adios 🙂

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