Stoup – Take 2: Chicken

After quite a successful attempt at beef stoup (no, I still haven’t decided whether it’s stew or soup. I’m leaning towards stew though), I’ve attempted chicken. Arguably not my most riveting blog post, but if I don’t write it down here, then I may never remember. Yes. I’m that bad. So, chicken stoup… Continue reading


Little Lion Dog

A few days ago, I sat at my laptop, crying snot en trane after reading Life is Savage’s heartbreaking, tear-jerker post about losing his beloved dog, Storm ( I had no idea that only days later, I’d be doing the same thing. This morning, at 03h00, my brave old pup Abby became very ill. Continue reading

To blog…or not to blog….about…?

I’ve been sitting at my laptop for about an hour now, and have written and discarded three half finished posts. Currently I’m blaming it on the meds I took to rid me of the lovely migraine I had earlier. But this isn’t the first time I’ve had bloggers block. And I’m not really that proficient at the blogging thing yet, so I see much more “block” in my future. Still…what to write about when you’re desperate to write?  Continue reading

“Stoup” – Take 1

Here is my first attempt at writing down and recreating on of my culinary accidents. The first time I attempted this, I was making tomato soup. But then it look a little boring. So I added beef cubes. Then it looked a little bare. Cue the diced potatoes and assorted veg. Then it resembled Continue reading


Dear readers.

My apologies for being so pathetic with my still-quite-new blog. I seem to have underestimated the level of involvement required to keep such an endeavour running. And then, when I do find the time, I seem to draw a blank regarding what to write. *sigh*

But I’m learning. Have a few posts in the pipeline; some general and some quite personal. Hope to finish them all very soon.

Until then, good luck with coming back to earth after all the public holidays, Royal Wedding fever and all other news events that have also managed to slip past me mostly unnoticed.