To blog…or not to blog….about…?

I’ve been sitting at my laptop for about an hour now, and have written and discarded three half finished posts. Currently I’m blaming it on the meds I took to rid me of the lovely migraine I had earlier. But this isn’t the first time I’ve had bloggers block. And I’m not really that proficient at the blogging thing yet, so I see much more “block” in my future. Still…what to write about when you’re desperate to write? 

Sure, there’s always news and current events. But that’s a bit of a gamble. The problem with current events is that they are…well…current. So it’s on everyone’s mind. And everyone has an opinion about it. And everyone who has a blog, is probably blogging about it. One of my discarded posts was about…yup…you guessed it. The Rapture that never was. But this is one topic that has been written into the ground already. So I skipped it.

Don’t even get me started about the elections. Yes, I voted. But there are no words in existence to convey to you how little I honestly care about politics. So that wasn’t going to happen either.

So, what inspires you? If you have a blog, or even just a journal. What makes you want to write, and put it out there? Or do you only write when inspiration hits?

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