Project Pastry (and other assorted goods)

My recent reinstatement into the ranks of the unemployed has necessitated that I find something to keep myself busy with. Yes, job-hunting does take up time. But there are only so many vacancies one can apply for. Tonight, I baked some good for granddad’s 85th birthday tomorrow. My favourite chocolate cake recipe came out perfectly (will put up the recipe, if anyone’s interested).  Naturally, after watching too much Cake Boss, Next Great Baker and also Julie&Julia one to many times, my mind came up with the idea of attempting to extend my culinary skills as far as baked goods go.

Of course, I will blog about the outcomes of these experiments, with pictures. I have nothing better to do, at present. This experiment could last a week, or a month. Or I could pull a full Julie&Julia and extend it to cooking and before I know it I’m lying on the floor of my kitchen, sobbing because I dropped stuffed poultry. Who knows.

Now I need some help. I’m aiming to start with cakes, cupcakes, cookies, rusks, breads and simple pastries. If anyone has good, fool-proof recipes for anything interesting or ridiculously delicious, how about you send it to me?

Or even better…if you have a challenge for me (something that you yourself can at least manage, preferably) I’ll do my best to master it. And post the successes and failure. Leave a comment below if you’ve got something interesting for me.

Oh and I’d love a better name than Project Pastry. Go.

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One comment on “Project Pastry (and other assorted goods)

  1. Doctor_Dionysus says:

    how about the good old ‘I can shake and bake, can you’
    from Doctor_Dionysus

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