Update in 60 seconds or less…

Quick update…Have not forgotten nor abandoned either my blog nor my baking project. Quick trip to Jhb for a birthday and a job interview immediately after has kept me busy. This week I will officially be useless as the research group needs to interview one last candidate (I think there are only four of us) on Tuesday, and then we’ll all be contacted by Friday at the latest. Here’s hoping for good news, lovelies. Fingers crossed. Thumbs held. Positive thoughts and prayers alike welcome. Until then I’ll be in a near-catatonic state of anxiety and anticipation. Alcohol appreciated. Over and out.


Taking a break…

Those who follow me on Twitter (who are probably also those who read my blog) may have noticed two single tweets I posted yesterday, announcing that I was going on a bit of a ‘Twitter hiatus’. Considering the speed of which my tweetcount reached 11 000+, it’s safe to say I’m a bit of an addict, checking in regularly and posting 140 characters about some random nonsense more often than not. I love the idea of Twitter, the way you have an immediate platform to voice your opinion, your nonsense or just let the world know “hey…I’m still here”. Continue reading


It’s been a rough week, dearest readers, for reasons I have chosen not to blog about (heartbreaking events that happened close to home, not affecting me directly, but close enough to be keenly felt).

So instead of writing about that (well..I might write about it, but won’t post it yet, if at all), I’ll wrap up a most delightfully wonderful weekend with three short, positive thoughts…two of which I’ve borrowed from greater minds than my own.

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