Update in 60 seconds or less…

Quick update…Have not forgotten nor abandoned either my blog nor my baking project. Quick trip to Jhb for a birthday and a job interview immediately after has kept me busy. This week I will officially be useless as the research group needs to interview one last candidate (I think there are only four of us) on Tuesday, and then we’ll all be contacted by Friday at the latest. Here’s hoping for good news, lovelies. Fingers crossed. Thumbs held. Positive thoughts and prayers alike welcome. Until then I’ll be in a near-catatonic state of anxiety and anticipation. Alcohol appreciated. Over and out.

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2 comments on “Update in 60 seconds or less…

  1. […] at two of my previous posts here and here, you would perhaps notice that this is not the first time I have joyously rediscovered my own blog. […]

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