A triumphant return

Yes, few readers I actually have left… I’m back! I never left, of course. But I did temporarily abandon this fledgling blog of mine, mostly because I was so busy getting into the swing of my new job, that I basically got preoccupied.

And lazy. 

So, here’s the scoop: As of the 1st of August, I am working as a scientific officer in the Virology lab at UCT’s Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB). I work with great people, in a very relaxed lab that despite the laid-back environment, manages to produce ground-breaking, important and relevant work in the virology field, including HIV and influenza.

I emptied my Stellenbosch flat yesterday, which was heartbreaking as I spent three happy years there, but simply can’t justify paying rent for a flat where I only spend 3 or 4 days a month. I’m back at the rents place until further notice, commuting in from here to UCT (I can tell you in no uncertain terms that it is hellish and cruel to spend 2-3 hours a day in N2 traffic) and am desperately searching for a place near campus. This is proving difficult, it seems, as I’m either too picky or my salary simply isn’t enough for me to acquire what I feel is adequate living space.


And in my ‘spare’ time I try to keep up with my UNISA studies (semester 2 is proving a lot meatier than the ridiculous 1st semester, which is both satisfying and challenging).

So, new job was good. My life in limbo while I look for a place to live in CT, not so good. But it’s temporary (right, Bf?)

Will most definitely be paying more attention to my blog in future, expect more regular posts on more interesting things, now that I have a sense of drive and purpose again. Life is good, yes?


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