Don’t feed the trolls

The past week or so I’ve been wondering where all the trolls come from. You know the type: the cretins posting their half-baked, inbred opinions everywhere; on every blog post, news article and public platform they can find. Often they’re not just annoying or uninformed, but downright bigoted, racist, sexist or a charming combination of all of the above.But where do they come from? Sure there’s not a handful of troll overlords, sitting at their multi-screened computer stations, spreading their odorous thoughts and opinions across the globe?

No. There must be millions of them. They’re everywhere. They’re particularly prevalent on the various sites (news24, women24 etc) where they crap out little gems on subjects ranging from Winnie Mandela in hospital to Megan Fox gaining 2kg’s and whether or not she’s “curvy”.

So, why does this bother me, you may ask. Well. My gut reaction to trolls is something along the lines of the sentiment expressed in this xkcd comic:

I cannot stand ignorance and stupidity. Especially not when packaged in the special brand of arrogance that all trolls seem to posess.

But perhaps the reason it really irks me, is because not only do we endlessly feed the faceless trolls in comment sections everywhere, but we idolize the public ones. Gareth Cliff, everyone’s favourite “shock jock” again this week let rip with a comment that had Twitter abuzz and even made it’s way to the BCCSA. We love to hate the trolls. But they’re everywhere. Nonhle Thema. Darren Scott. Those who either thrive on or find gain from being “controversial”, a term I use loosely since it’s often just a public display of idiocy…

Well. I’m going to try to stop feeding the trolls. I don’t want to. I want to beat them all with the common sense stick until they see reason. But I suppose the old adage is true: Never argue with an idiot; they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


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