The plight of the tireless scientists…

A few weeks ago (after a particularly distasteful incident with what can only be described as an anti-science nutcase) I wrote a post relaying the incident. I wrote it immediately after the exchange had taken place and, while I had done my best to temper my response, reading it now I feel I may have moderated it a touch more.

While I still fully agree with my original reaction and viewpoint, I did throw the word “idiot” around quite a lot. And while that sentiment may be accurate, it is not for me to label or judge. I’ll leave that to the actions of those themselves.

Upon rereading my post, I realize it is not just the individuals themselves that tire me with their ignorance, it’s the massive gap between the public understanding of science and the actual science itself that causes the problem. Despite the best efforts of organizations such as PUB (Public Understanding of Biotechnology), the masses sometime simply do not understand, mostly because no effort has been made to properly explain it to them.

Enter the countless “watchdog” agencies and organizations which protest GMOs and vaccines and anything that sounds a little too evil. All most of them manage to do, is muddy the waters, confuse the masses and give scientists a bad reputation. I’ve always been outspoken about the misunderstanding of science and the fallacies spread by the agents against it.

Up until now, my reactions have always been tainted with annoyance. Understandably. Science is something I feel very strongly about, it piques my interest and it’s part of my daily job. I don’t mind when people get it wrong, but why do they scoff at attempts to help them get it right? But I digress.

Bottom line, I need to find a way to get involved in developing and promoting the understanding of science by the public. Not just on the superficial levels. I mean really get stuck in and help chip away at the “evil scientist” image that seems to be so prevalent lately.

Now, to figure out where and how to start my crusade….


One comment on “The plight of the tireless scientists…

  1. so, where do I sign up for your crusade? You’re going to need some muscle.

    might also add, its not just the public lack of knowledge that I find disconcerting, but their apathy towards science. How many times have heard “yes, fine, but how does it make money?” or “why should I care?”

    Also, I think you guys have some of the most interesting jobs ever!

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