August and everything after.

It seems it’s that time of year again. Winter has hit hard once or twice, but the general state of affairs seems much colder and more dismal than the weather.

Aside from the usual stresses of work that crop up around August of every year, bad news is in abundance lately. It feels as if early everyone I know or work with has been touched by a tragedy of some sorts.

I feel the heaviness of it all, pressing down on me. The bad news has touched me and mine too, though (and I cannot possibly overstate this) myself and my family remain in good health and are well. A blessing. And a fact I remind myself of every day, to be thankful.

Yet everywhere I turn, I see those dear to me having a bad time of it all. Worry, stress and grief permeates. Hope seems to shrink away and faith is hard to keep hold of.

And I’m afraid. I’m afraid the bad things will happen to me. But I’m even more afraid that I’ll be a bad friend, a disappointing confidant. Too weak to make a difference, too cowardly to be brave when they need it.

Admittedly, I have been handling all this sadness quite badly. I haven’t been the friend I should be. The friend my dearest friends deserve. This will change.

So. To my friends: despite the greyness of the situations and the sadness tainting your days, hold on. Hang tight. Vasbyt. Keep the faith. It’s easy for me to say, because I’m doing OK. So I’ll keep reminding you, until you’re doing OK. And one day, when the sadness finds me, you can return the favour.

It’s August. But I have hope for everything that comes after.


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