Rethink, Revamp, Refresh.

Dear readers.

Looking at two of my previous posts here and here, you would perhaps notice that this is not the first time I have joyously rediscovered my own blog. That, of course, infers that it is also not the first time I have grossly neglected my blog. Erm. Oops.

The last year has been one for the books, in more ways than one. Highs and lows, ups and downs, the beginning and the end of a job opportunity, lots of studying, a few weddings, a couple of funerals and everything else life has decided to dish up for us in between. While I love writing, life always seems to get in the way of me doing it. A poor excuse, for if I truly considered myself a writer (which I don’t) I would make time or the writing would simply find me. But this is how it goes. Also, I seem to suffer heavily from the information overload syndrome the internet causes in many of us. So much to read and explore each day, as my Twitter stream fills up, or my alerts me to a new article that is begging to be read.

As a result of this information overload, I am considering splitting my passions and interests and creating a secondary blog, separating my more personal entries and keeping them here and launching a second one aimed more at the factual. The question is: will I be able to keep up running TWO blogs when have so often not been able to maintain just the one? Well. We’ll just have to see, won’t we? I think a secondary blog will allow me to manage my interests more efficiently, as well as give me the opportunity to carefully craft posts of a slightly more detailed calibre. I’m going to have some extra time to potter about during the next month or two and I hope to be able to use that time to plan, design and launch my secondary blog. I suspect it will be related to current events, both of a general nature and also related to science and technology. And wine. Lots of wine.

A bit diverse, perhaps? Then it suits me perfectly.

I trust I can count on you for some feedback if/when the new blog is up and running. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment. Always fantastic to hear what you think.



A triumphant return

Yes, few readers I actually have left… I’m back! I never left, of course. But I did temporarily abandon this fledgling blog of mine, mostly because I was so busy getting into the swing of my new job, that I basically got preoccupied.

And lazy.  Continue reading

Lent – just a thought

I know I mentioned early on that I wasn’t going to touch on religion much, and I’m planning on sticking to that (don’t worry, this is not by any means a sermon or religious rant), but a conversation on Twitter (and a few tweets from surprising people) got me thinking about Lent, it’s origin and why many people -even though they’re not very religious- observe this practice in their own way, by giving up a favourite food/drink/hobby/activity for the period leading to Easter Sunday. This practice is generally associated with a sense of spiritual renewal, though Protestant religions generally view it more as a choice than an obligation.

Oddly, the notion has been on my mind all day. So I’m seriously considering abstaining from a favourite pleasure for the duration of Lent. Before I commit though, I think I should have a good long think about my motivation. Expect an update soon. (So far I’ve narrowed it down to either coffee or chocolate…both will be incredibly tough to give up…*sob*).

So…anyone else participating in Lent? What will you be abstaining from, and why?

***UPDATE: Decided on giving up coffee…. *sob* ****