What Obstacle? – The Epilepsy SA Cupcake Challenge

I’ve been playing around with the idea of revamping and resurrecting my blog for a while now. While I’m still undecided about the issue, I did think it worthwhile to dust it off and publish a post in favour of a good cause.

Epilepsy South Africa has launched a Cupcake Challenge to create awareness about epilepsy. These people do a lot of good work to spread awareness, create understanding and generally support people living with this neurological condition. If you go to the site, they have a quiz where you can test your knowledge of how much you know about the disease. You’d be surprised how little we know and how misunderstood it is.


So, in support of the EpilepsySA Cupcake Challenge, I went baking mad this weekend (fittingly, using an Eric Lanlard recipe…of course) and churned out a couple dozen cupcakes. Now the trick to the challenge is not your baking prowess itself… the cupcakes are not actually sent anywhere to be tasted and tested. So if you aren’t the world’s greatest baker, have no fear. All you need do is make an effort. Make a cupcake (or get someone to make it for you, or buy some and scrape off the store-bought boring icing) and then let your creative juices flow and your imagination run wild as you put every ounce of creativity in you to work and ice that bad boy as best you can.


Then you snap a picture of your iced creation and upload it to the EpilepsySA Cupcake Challenge website.

Easy a pie. Or cupcake. Whatever.

As I mentioned, I did a little baking myself and managed to come up with two semi-decent attempts which I entered into the competition. I’m quite proud of Cookie Monster. Teddy Bear Picnic is a bit less exciting but to be honest, I just got too frustrated trying to tame the fondant and nearly sent the cupcake flying across the kitchen.

**GRATUITOUS SELF-PROMOTION ALERT: You can vote for my entries here and here****

The Bf also had a go and he came up with a pretty awesome Ode to Tim Burton Jack-O-Lantern cupcake (complete with Nightmare before Christmas background courtesy of Antony’s iPad).


Special mentions must go to the crew at Tomcat Advertising Agency who do all the pro bono work for Epilepsy SA. They worked on the concept and did all the design on the Cupcake Challenge website. They also happen to be some epically rad monkeys. So rad, in fact, that I sent all the cupcakes we made to their offices to be shared amongst the hard-working creative folk. But just taking the cupcakes wasn’t good enough for them so for each cupcake devoured, a donation was made, and that money is going straight to EpilepsySA. Good job guys. I also received photographic evidence of the aftermath, including blue icing-stained fingers and massacred cupcakes. Image Image


Now it’s your turn. Bake. Make. Decomarate. Snap. Upload. Be awesome.



That sneeze was set off by both my allergies and the dust I’m blowing off my blog.
It’s been too long and I’ve been too lazy. But now that every possible excuse I may have had to ignore my beloved pet project have passed (done with exams, moved into new flat, settled into new job etc etc) it’s time to either get back to it or give it up completely.

I’m hoping to stick to the former.

Don’t feed the trolls

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Update in 60 seconds or less…

Quick update…Have not forgotten nor abandoned either my blog nor my baking project. Quick trip to Jhb for a birthday and a job interview immediately after has kept me busy. This week I will officially be useless as the research group needs to interview one last candidate (I think there are only four of us) on Tuesday, and then we’ll all be contacted by Friday at the latest. Here’s hoping for good news, lovelies. Fingers crossed. Thumbs held. Positive thoughts and prayers alike welcome. Until then I’ll be in a near-catatonic state of anxiety and anticipation. Alcohol appreciated. Over and out.

Taking a break…

Those who follow me on Twitter (who are probably also those who read my blog) may have noticed two single tweets I posted yesterday, announcing that I was going on a bit of a ‘Twitter hiatus’. Considering the speed of which my tweetcount reached 11 000+, it’s safe to say I’m a bit of an addict, checking in regularly and posting 140 characters about some random nonsense more often than not. I love the idea of Twitter, the way you have an immediate platform to voice your opinion, your nonsense or just let the world know “hey…I’m still here”. Continue reading


It’s been a rough week, dearest readers, for reasons I have chosen not to blog about (heartbreaking events that happened close to home, not affecting me directly, but close enough to be keenly felt).

So instead of writing about that (well..I might write about it, but won’t post it yet, if at all), I’ll wrap up a most delightfully wonderful weekend with three short, positive thoughts…two of which I’ve borrowed from greater minds than my own.

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